Sequence 01.Still016erweitert.jpg

I think, here is where I saw her first. She stands at the center of the picture, holding a water pipe and playing, washing a car. I don ́t quite know what´s going on, I just saw her like this, washing this 1940 ́s car. It is the holiday season, her husband is probably shooting the film and she wants to be kind to him.

We are outside, the weather is beautiful, everything is green and she enters the scene from right to left. There
is a porch swing, a red porch swing behind her. She sits and smiles. I guess she ́s pregnant, carrying a big belly and wearing a really nice dress. It ́s so beautiful, the porch swing is red and the sky is blue and it ́s one of this old super 8 films where the colors are bright and strong.

video projection and performance, ca. 10 min. Stuttgart 2017


Years ago I found a Super 8 film on the street.
On the box was written: Vacanze 1961/Parigi. I converted the film in digital format and I watched it over and over again. I became familiar with most of the characters, of which I did not know anything about. I slowly developed a deep feeling for one of them.

I erased all the sequences where she was showing up. No matter, I kept talking about her.

Vacanze consists of a video projection and a performance.